Internsive Course

Intensive Course

The Intensive course aims to improve learners’ Chinese level in a short period of time, helping those people overseas who want to further their studies in Chinese universities or colleges or improve chances to develop their careers in China.

After finishing this course, you can use mandarin to have daily conversations, and express your ideas in phrases and sentences. In addition, you have an ability to read short passages and the newspaper. Our students are satisfied with getting mandarin skills in a limited time.

Our teachers are professional Mandarin teachers, who have graduated in language studies, or with overseas education experience. Each Mandarin teacher dispatched by Mandarin Garden holds the Mandarin Teaching Qualification Certificate which is internationally certified according to IPA and ACI international standards.

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Class type

Intensive 20 Course

Four group lessons a day from 9:00 to 12:30AM Monday to Friday. Focuses on the practical language skills of speaking, listening and reading phonetics with special emphasis on conversation. The Mandarin Garden "Star" mandarin Course will lead you to achieve rapid progress in your Chinese.

Intensive 30 Course

Mandarin Garden's “Innovative” mandarin Course includes six group lessons a day from 9:00-12:30AM and 13:30-15:10PM, Monday to Friday, focusing on improving listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills, the four fundamental parts needed to build a strong foundation for mandarin language acquisition.

Intensive 20 Course+5 private courses

Intensive 20 Course+10 private courses

Four group lessons a day from 9:00 to 12:30AM, Monday to Friday. One or two private lessons at the end of each day for review and extra practice, or to explore other areas of interest. During the private lessons you may also have business mandarin or Chinese culture and history.